Volume 2 : Issue 2, June 2012

Table of Contents, 5 June 2012

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Original Research, B5

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J. Educ. Manage. Stud., 2(2): -, 2012

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An Investigation into the Impact of In- Service Training Courses on Performance of Experts in Iranian Airports Holding Company (IAHC) from Managers’ Attitude

Original Research, B6

Khorshidi A. Shabani H. and Sahraei M.

J. Educ. Manage. Stud., 2(2): 34-42, 2012

ABSTRACT: The present study deals with review of the impact of in- service training courses on experts’ performance in Iranian Airports Holding Company (IAHC) from their managers’ attitude by measurement of 10 elements; namely, quality of work, cooperation, personal learning, growth and development, attitude, initiative and creativity, work quantity, reliability and trustworthiness, adaptation to environment and reduction of accidents and errors, rising occupational commitment (loyalty), and occupational and specialized benefits. Methodology of this study is of applied type in terms of objectives and of quantitative form from data collection facet, and it is of descriptive type from nature aspect and kind of study while statistical population of this study includes 120 participants from director generals, managers and or heads of departmental headquarters and Iranian Airport Holding Company (IAHC). According to Morgan’s Table of Sample Space, 92 participants from director generals, managers and or heads of departmental headquarters and airports have been elected as available sample group. To collect data, a Realized 44- Question Inventory has been adopted. In order to analyze data, descriptive statistical methods were utilized ( parameters of central tendency and discrepancy like mean and standard deviation as well as frequency and its percentile) and to explore into hypotheses of this study and for generalizing of resultant outcomes from the given sample, inferential statistic techniques were used (Single sample t- test and correlated t- test). And finally, based on results came from this study, in addition to purposing of an effective in- service training model to Iranian Airport Holding Company (IAHC), some other solutions and suggestions have been offered for better implementation of such trainings. The resulting outcomes from this study indicate that in- service training courses affect positively on performance of experts from Iranian Airport Holding Company (IAHC). 
Key words:
Training, In-Service Training Course, Performance.


Study of Individual Factors Influencing on Academic Achievement Motivation in High-School Female Students

Original Research, B7

Zainalipour H.Zarei, E. and Dayeripour F.

J. Educ. Manage. Stud., 2(2): 43-47, 2012

ABSTRACT: The present paper is a research seeking for analysis of individual factors influencing on academic achievement motivation in high school female students. To do this research and regarding the discussed question, correlation method in structural equation model was used. 16-AMOS software was used for analysis and statistical calculations of the proposed model. The study subjects were 384 students that were selected using the stratified random sampling method from the students of district 1 and district 2, respectively, as 207 and 177 students. Data collection was performed through two classes of questionnaires, one related to individual factors, and another regarding the academic achievement motivation. The results show that each of the individual factors plays a decisive role in prediction of academic achievement motivation.
Key words: Individual Factors, Academic Achievement Motivation, Structural Equation Modeling.


A Review of the Relationship between Employment Status, Educational Degree, Occupational Background and Organizational Climate with Job Satisfaction among Teachers from Training and Education Organization (TEO) at Baharestan Town, Tehran

Original Research, B8

Mirzamani M., Khorshidi A., and Moosavipanah S.M.

J. Educ. Manage. Stud., 2(2): 48-54, 2012

ABSTRACT: The present study has dealt with review of the relationship between job satisfaction and organizational climate and other factors among teachers of Training and Education Organization (TEO) from Baharestan Town, Tehran Province (Iran). This study is of applied type in terms of its objective, and a quantitative survey from data collection aspect, and it is conducted by correlation method in terms of data analysis. The studied population of the current research includes all teachers from TEO Organization in Baharestan Town (Tehran Province) comprising of 170 participants where in the studied sample, 118 participants are Official, Contractual and Casual Employees, who were elected via simple randomized technique in 2012, in order to give answer to research hypotheses and 36 questions from Herzberg’s Job Satisfaction Questionnaire and Stern and Steinhoff’s Organizational Climate Index (OCI) including 20 questions. After conducting the statistical analysis on its findings, the results were evaluated by SPSS software. Findings indicated that there is direct relationship among organizational climate and job satisfaction in teachers from TEO Organization at Baharestan Town. So this reflects personnel’s job satisfaction will be increased in light of the existing positive and appropriate organizational climate.

Key words: Organizational Climate, Job Satisfaction, Teachers of Training, Education Organization (TEO).