Volume 3 : Issue 4, December 2013

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The Effects of Anger Management Skills Training on Aggression, Social Adjustment, and Mental Health of College Students

Original Research, C28

Entesar Foumany GH.and Salehi J.

J. Educ. Manage. Stud., 3(4):266-270, 2013

ABSTRACT: Anger is a sign that evokes aggressive behavior. Aggression can cause emotional, psychological or physical damage to others. This research aimed to determine the effect of anger management skills training on aggression, social adjustment, and mental health of students. This research is a pretest-posttest control group experimental study. The sample of this study was a group of 40 students, who had high aggression scores. The sample, was randomly divided and assigned to an experimental and a control group. The experimental group received the anger management skills training program in eight sessions, two sessions a week, each session 90 minutes. During this period, the control group received no intervention. Pretest and posttest measures were acquired in aggression, social adjustment, and mental health for both groups. Results showed significant differences between two groups in all measures. Compared with the control group, experimental group’s aggression was decreased and their social skills, social adjustment, and mental health were improved. Research findings showed that college students training in anger management skills, improves their social adjustment, social skills, and mental health. All these improvements are attributable to reductions in their aggressive behaviors due to educations.
Keywords: Aggression, Mental Health, Anger Management Skills, Social Adjustment, College Students


A Study of the Effects of Leverages Ratio on Systematic Risk based on the Capital Asset Pricing Model Among Accepted Companies in Tehran Stock Market

Original Research, C29

Akbari P. and Mohammadi E.

J. Educ. Manage. Stud., 3(4): 271-277., 2013

ABSTRACT: Systematic risk (Beta) is one of the most effective factors in predicting the appropriate required rate of return of portfolios. Understanding systematic risk of usual portfolio of various companies, investors consider financial investment more confidentially. The aim of this study is to determine if there is any significant relationship between Leverages ratio (Operating leverage, financial leverage, Compound Leverage) as independent variables and Systematic risk (Beta) as dependent variables. To do so 115 companies accepted in Tehran Stock Market were selected based on screening (systematic deletion) in an eight-year- period between "2005-2012". The required data were gathered from basic financial statement, committee reports, and other available documents in Tehran Stock Market. Regression and Pearson correlation were used to analyze the data. The results of the study revealed that there is not significant relationship between the variables. Some suggestions regarding the topic of the research are given too.
Keywords: Operating leverage, Financial leverage, Compound Leverage, Systematic risk (Beta)


The Study on the Impact of Teachers’ Creativity Training on Improvement of Creativity in Students and their Insights on Teacher Training Curriculum

Original Research, C30

Assareh A, Ghahremani A A, Abaspour H A, Lotfi A, and Abadi M.

J. Educ. Manage. Stud., 3(4): 278-284, 2013

ABSTRACT: The current study examines the impact of teachers’ creativity training on growing creativity in students and their insights on teacher training curriculum. This research has been carried out by semi- experimental method and it is aimed at interpretation of necessity for paying attention to training of creativity in curricula of teachers’ training centers. For this purpose, two groups (n1=n2=90) of students from first graders in primary schools in Tehran City Area no 7 were chosen by means of randomized cluster sampling technique in academic year 2010-11. The given data were gathered by means of Form- B of Torrance Tests of Creative Thinking (TTCT) at two stages of pre-test and post-test. The results derived from revision of data and or by application of covariance analysis indicated that there is a significant difference among tested and control groups (p= 0.05). In other words, the growth rate of creativity in students who were taught by well- trained teachers in creativity field was higher than those children that were taught by the teachers who had not been trained in this educational field.
 Creativity, Torrance (figural) Tests of Creative Thinking (TTCT), Teachers’ Training


Predicting Marital Satisfaction by Attachment Styles and Gender in Married People

Original Research, C31

Raeisipoor Z.

J. Educ. Manage. Stud., 3(4): 285-289, 2013

ABSTRACT: This study examined the relationship between adult attachment style and marital satisfaction in a convenience sample of married men and women in Bandar Abbas in Iran. The research design was a descriptive correlation, and the study sample included 480 married people (240 men and 240 women) with at least 6 months from the time they were living together. Employing the Experiences in Close Relationships (ECR) scales, and The ENRICH Marital Satisfaction scale (EMS), the current study yielded statistically significant results and supported all of the research hypotheses. There were negative relationships found between the attachment dimensions of anxiety and avoidance and marital satisfaction. Overall results suggest attachment avoidance as the strongest predictor of marital satisfaction.
Attachment Styles, Attachment Anxiety, Attachment Avoidance, Married People.


Evaluation of Trust in Students, Administrators and Teachers (Case Study: Islamic Azad University of Khomeinishahr)

Original Research, C32

Iravani M.R. Arabmomeni A. and Taghipour F.

J. Educ. Manage. Stud., 3(4): 290-294, 2013

ABSTRACT: Increase the level of trust in organizations, increase jobs and improve staff shall comfort. The distrust, suspicion of others and lack of confidence in the people. The result of this lack of trust, lack of disruption in the formation of relationships and collective cooperation. This study tries confidence and masters students of Islamic Azad University of Khomeinishahr officials to review. The results show that, 88.5% of respondents believed the lower average level of integrity in speech and behavior of officials and faculty and 79.8%, while medium and low confidence in the officials and university professors believe, they are just doing their job to moderate and low. 87% believe that the level of cooperation and assistance is low. Also, more than half of the respondents believe that the high and very high levels, there is a pretense and hypocrisy on the campus. Also, more than half of the respondents were high and very high levels, religion and social ethics as a solution.
Keywords: Trust, Student, Hypocrisy, Integrity, Collaboration


 Factors Affecting on the Rate of Employees Happy in Islamic Azad University of Khomeinishahr

Original Research, C33

Iravani M.R. Arabmomeni A. and Taghipour F.

J. Educ. Manage. Stud., 3(4): 295-298, 2013

ABSTRACT: Happiness affects employees' performance, increases productivity, improves quality of services and enhances it. This study is to investigate factors that affect employee’s happiness of Islamic Azad University of Khomeinishahr in 2012. This descriptive study is semi experimental. The population is the staff of Islamic Azad University of Khomeinishahr. In this study, 50 individuals were randomly have been selected among the staff of Islamic Azad University of Khomeinishahr. Beck test is a research tool in this study, the researcher made a few changes to standardize and questions of any material, shows a manifestation of depression. The statistical methods used in this study were t-test and variance analysis that are carried out separately.
Keywords: The Amount of Happiness, Depression, Salary, Education


 A Study of The Effects of Financial Reporting Transparency on the Quality of Earnings in Companies Listed in Tehran Stock Exchange

Original Research, C34

Piri R. Abdoli MR. and Homayoon A.

J. Educ. Manage. Stud., 3(4): 299-303, 2013

ABSTRACT: Providing useful information concerning company’s profitability is an objective of accounting and financial reporting on the subject of earning. Accordingly, accounting earning as an effective tool for users’ decision making has special importance and it is a desirable and significant indicator for users and investors. In the past two decades, “earning quality” subject has been particularly interested by experts and they seek to attain a logical and authentic methodology to evaluate earning quality and to identify affective factors in it. Therefore, in the present research, the degree of the influence of transparency in financial reporting in earning quality is evaluated. This research objective is to study the relationship between transparency in financial reporting and earning quality. Three hypotheses which are analyzed through correlation coefficient test, t-statistic and regression analysis are proposed to achieve the research objectives. The following overall conclusion was obtained: the comparison between the obtained results from forward method and the situation in which only the variable of management (domain) transparency rank with earning quality were evaluated, show completely similar results as the determination coefficient in both models are 0.044. The obtained results indicates that the entrance of control variables do not influence the main model and cannot affect earning quality. So, management (domain) transparency rank will be enough for earning quality measurement. Also, it must be noticed that the determination coefficient of this variable is not significant and to increase earning quality forecast, other variables must be measured.

Keywords: Transparency in financial performance, Earning Quality, Transparency in financial reporting


 Investigation of the Relationship between Return, Risk and Trading Volume

Original Research, C35

TorkKhoramAbadi, K. Moghadam, A. and Talebniya, Gh.

J. Educ. Manage. Stud., 3(4): 304-306, 2013

ABSTRACT: The main purpose in this research is investigating the relationship between return, risk and stock trading volume. Statistical population is included 59 listed companies in Tehran Stock Exchange during 2003 to 2011.Vector Auto regression Estimates and Granger causality test have been used for testing research hypotheses. Also 3 hypotheses have been proposed. The findings show that in the first hypothesis between systematic risk and return with two interrupts significant relationship exists but in the second hypothesis there is no meaningful relationship between trading volume (trading size) and return with two interrupts but trading volume (trading turnover) and return with two interrupts inverse and significant relationship exists. Finally in the third can conclude between trading volume (trading size) and return is unidirectional relationship and between trading volume (trading turnover) and return is reciprocal relationship.
Stock Return, Systematic Risk, Trading Volume, Causality Test


Performance Evaluation of Iranian Agricultural Jihad Organization (Ilam city) Using the Model of European Foundation for Quality Management

Original Research, C36

Akbari P, Saeidipour B, and Baharestan O.

J. Educ. Manage. Stud., 3(4):307-316, 2013

ABSTRACT: Today, the role of assessment and monitoring systems is completely known in improvement and progress of organizations so the Performance evaluation is considered a basic requirement for organizations, In this regard, the EFQM model one of the all kinds of organizational Excellence models as a powerful tool in responding to these needs, has had remarkable success. The purpose of this study was to evaluate the performance of Agricultural Jihad organizations in the West Country of Iran by using excellence model of organization EFQM, Case Study: Ilam Agricultural Jihad Organization. The study’s statistical population consisted of 142 staffs of the organization which between them 104 subjects as sample were selected by using Cochran's formula for second 6 month period in 2012. To collect data has been used of standardized questionnaire that exists in this field, validity of questionnaire was approved by a group of university professors and its reliability also was obtained by measured Cronbach's alpha coefficient, 0.750. Research method is descriptive, type of survey - correlated. One sample t-test was used to test the hypotheses. The results of the hypotheses (1-9) (leadership, processes, policy and Strategy, people, partnerships and resources, people results , society results, customer results and key performance results) indicate approved them. At the end of the study also offers the Ilam Agricultural Jihad Organization, is presented in order to research subject.

Keywords: Performance evaluation, Excellence Model EFQM, Agricultural Jihad Organization of Ilam


A Study on the Effect of Preschool Education on the Bilingual Learners' Social Compatibility and Academic Achievement

Original Research, C37

Assareh A., Abaspour H.A., Ghahremani A.A. and Badrloo Kh.

J. Educ. Manage. Stud., 3(3): 3(4): 317-323, 2013

ABSTRACT: The present study is intended to examine the impact of preschool training and education on educational achievement and social compatibility among bilingual (Turkish) students. This investigation is aimed at a comparative analysis on social compatibility and educational achievement in female and male bilingual students of first grade classrooms in primary schools who have passed preschool course with those students who have not. Method of conducting this survey is of causal- comparative research type and its statistical population includes bilingual first- grader students in Khodabandeh town (Zanjan Province) in academic year 2009-10 among of which 120 participants were chosen (60 girls and 60 boys), out of them 30 students had passed preschool course and the rest 30 had not, and they were chosen by means of multi- stage randomized cluster sampling technique with a sample group for this study. The extracted data were analyzed by descriptive and inferential statistical methods. The resultant findings from this study showed that: 1. there is a significant difference between the bilingual participant first graders in preschool training courses and students who lacked such an experience in variables of social compatibility and educational achievement. 2. Those male bilingual first graders who had passed preschool course were more benefitted from social compatibility and educational achievement than the female students with similar conditions. 3. The difference among mean scores in educational achievement is more significant in Persian language than other lessons and this is due to the relationship among language perception and lessons comprehension and achievement in literacy and thus the highly impact of preschool course on language learning skills.
Preschool Education, Social Compatibility, Educational Achievement, Bilingualism


 Comparative Comparison of Customers' Satisfaction with Iranian Automotive Industry Products (Case Study: Saipa & Iran Khodro Co.'s)

Original Research, C38

Akbari P. Ranjbar H, and Ranjbar S.

J. Educ. Manage. Stud., 3(4): 324-330, 2013

ABSTRACT: The first and most important principle of marketing is to focus on customers' needs and wants. In current competitive world, customers and their satisfactions are one of key subjects capable of enabling a company to grow. Regardless of this principle, no company can survive within today's competitive environment. The aim of present research is to answer this question, "is there any significant difference between customers satisfaction (in terms of sale, car characteristics, after – sale services) with Saipa and Iran Khodro products or not?" Present research is applied in terms of its aim and descriptive – survey in terms of nature and methodology. Research population consists of 800 customers of Saipa and Iran khodro products within western part of country during a period of the first half of the year of 2013. The sample was taken simply randomly, the volume of which was set at 260 persons/subjects according to Morgan's table. In this research, data was collected by means of a questionnaire the validity of which was determined nominally by 3 academic professors, and the reliability of which was determined by Cronbach's at 0.711 and 0.822 for customers' satisfaction with Saipa and Iran Khodro products, respectively. Data obtained was analyzed using SPSS software at 2 levels of descriptive and inferential (Paired Samples Test) statistics. Results of present research indicated that there was a significant difference between customers satisfaction (in terms of sale, car characteristics, after – sale services) with Saipa and Iran khodro products which made customers more satisfied than the former did. This research concludes with some recommendations in this Field.
Sale, Car Characteristics, After – Sale Services, Saipa & Iran Khodro Products.


A Comparison of the Amount Effectiveness of Holistic vs. Traditional Teaching on Enthusiasm and Educational Progress of Elementary Students

Original Research, C39

Zahedi, O. and Ebrahimi, T.

J. Educ. Manage. Stud., 3(4): 331-336, 2013

ABSTRACT: The present study is conducted with the aim of comparing the amount of effectiveness of holistic versus traditional teaching on the enthusiasm and progress of elementary students. To this end, the five-grader elementary students of two female-only classes were chosen from two schools in Islamshahr (25 kilometers south-western Tehran, Iran). Both schools are similar regarding economic, social and educational issues, then the students were randomly assigned to two groups of experiment and control. In the experiment class (n=35), the materials were instructed for 15 weeks in holistic and integrated way. In the control class (n=35), the same material was instructed in traditional and subject-centered way. The scores of teacher-made knowledge test including 10 MCIs were obtained from both experiment and control group in a pre-test and a post-test. The results were then analyzed by one-factor variance analysis and independent T-test. The results of the study showed more progress in students’ education by integrative way than traditional way by control group. Investigating the results of education enthusiasm measurement questionnaire revealed that the average scores of experiment group are considerably different from that of control group. It means that the rate of students’ education enthusiasm instructed by integrative way is higher than control group instructed with traditional way.
Integrative instruction, Traditional instruction, Enthusiasm, Education progress


The Meditational Role of Emotional Regulation Between Family Communication Pattern and Academic Adjustment

Original Research, C40

Reisy J, Javanmard A, Shojaei M, Ahmadzade L, and Naeimian Monfared P.

J. Educ. Manage. Stud., 3(4): 337-344, 2013

ABSTRACT: The purpose of present study was to investigating the meditational role of emotional regulation in the relationship between family communication pattern and academic adjustment. Participations were 482 first-grade higher education students, (228girls and 247boys), who were selected from Shirazs’ high schools by using stratified random sampling method. Participants completed revised version of family communication pattern questionnaire (RFCP), difficulties in emotion regulation Scale (DERS) and Adjustment Inventory for school students (ATSS). Data analyzed by Structural Equation Modeling (SEM) using AMOS software. These result showed that among components of difficulties in emotional regulation, limited access to emotional regulation and difficulties engaging in goal-directed behavior can mediate the relationship between family communication pattern and academic adjustment. In general, these findings show that emphasizing on conformity in family, with increasing in adolescent’s difficulties in emotional regulation, can rebound pure academic adjustment. Suggestions and implication for future research are also proffered.
Keywords: Family communication pattern, Emotional regulation, Academic adjustment, Mediatory, Structural Equation Modelling (SEM)


Study of Cultural – Social Factors Associated with Polygamy in the Bastak City, Iran

Original Research, C41

Salehi H, Mehrpour H, and Ra'oufi M.

J. Educ. Manage. Stud., 3(4):345 -348, 2013

ABSTRACT: This study was performed to determine social-cultural polygamy-related factors. This is a descriptive-correlational research. The statistical population of this study included all the polygamous men of Bastak in 2011. Since there was no formal statistics on these men, 105 individuals were selected randomly from available samples. This research was performed considering Maslow hierarchy of needs, functionalism and conflict scientific theories, and using a questionnaire. At first a number of Bastakian polygamous men were interviewed, and then the final questionnaire of the study, which was consisted of 49 items, was prepared and implemented. The results showed that there is a significant relationship between men's education, cultural factors and traditional components, and between judicial factors and justice, the first wife's permission, and terms of the marriage contract components. Furthermore, the individuals' responses showed that sexual beliefs are effective as a subjective factor.
Keywords: Cultural Factors, Social Factors, Polygamy


 Identification and Study of limiting Factors the Development of Virtual Courses in Hormozgan University

Original Research, C42

Shaikhifini A. Zarei, E. and Ahmadi, A.

J. Educ. Manage. Stud., 3(4): 349-352, 2013

ABSTRACT: The current study is aimed to identify and examine the factors limiting development of virtual courses in Hormozgan University by using survey method in 2012. The statistic population consists of all students of Hormozgan University of which 356 persons is selected as a sample with stratified random sampling. From researcher built questionnaire were used to collect data. To determine the validity, we utilize the judgments of experts and students attending in the field of information technology and e-learning; and the reliability of the questionnaire is equal to 0.82 by using Cronbach's Alpha and SPSS software package. Statistic data analysis are performed by using descriptive and inferential statistics. The results indicate that infrastructure and equipment factors, credit and financial factors, cultural factors, educational factors and human factors are over-effective in the establishing of virtual courses respectively.
Virtual Courses; Virtual University; Limiting Factors; Hormozgan University


 Comparison between Capabilities of Female and Male Principals in Primary Schools

Original Research, C43

Khorshidi A. Eftekharzadeh F., Bayat Moghadam L. and Darbesfahani H.

J. Educ. Manage. Stud., 3(4): 353-359, 2013

ABSTRACT: The present study has been carried out by aiming at a comparison between capabilities of female and male principals in primary schools based on Skinner’s Theory in academic year 2012-13. Methodology of this study is of descriptive type (survey) in terms of data collection and it is of applied form from aspect of objective. Statistical population of this investigation includes principals and their educational deputies in both girl and boy primary schools in Tehran City. The sample space has been approximated based on H.S. Bola Sample Space Formula, comprising of 176 participants (88 females) and (88 males) where this figure has been selected from statistical population by means of simple randomized method. To gather data, standardized 24- question inventory for response package has been adopted to measure overall capabilities of principals including general, maturity, and leadership skills of principals. Through polling from the related experts, validity of this questionnaire was confirmed for this purpose. Similarly, reliability of this test was measured for a 30- participant group by a primary study and this figure was calculated as 86% by means of Cronbach's Alpha Coefficient. In order to analyze data, descriptive and inferential statistical methods (independent t- test and comparison of means) were utilized. The resulting outcomes indicated that despite of this fact that the level of tertiary skills in male principal was higher and greater than female principals but according to 95% confidence level it could be implied that there is no significant difference between female and male principals in variables of three-fold administrative skills including general- maturity and leadership skills.
Principals 'General, Maturity, and Leadership Skills


Survey the Effect of Cooperative Learning on Confidence

Original Research, C44

Heydari H. Zarei E. and Zainalipour H.

J. Educ. Manage. Stud., 3(4):360-363, 2013

ABSTRACT: This study aims to investigate the effect of cooperative learning on the confidence. This Study was a quasi-experimental research with control group and pre-test, post-test. The students of Middle schools in Bandar Abbas form the statistical society and the sample was made of 25 girls and 25 boys for test group and 25 girls and 25 boys for control group. The test group taught by cooperative learning method in 12 sessions but the control group was being taught traditionally. To gather information Eyzenk confidence questionnaire used. Data analyzed using Covariance analysis. The results showed that cooperative learning method increases the confidence in the girls test group. But cooperative learning method does not increase the confidence in the boys test group significantly. Therefore, cooperative learning increases the confidence in girls more than boys.
Cooperative Learning, Confidence, Students.


A Study of the Influence of Financial Situation of Companies on the Earning Forecast Accuracy by Managers of Listed Companies in Tehran Stock Exchange

Original Research, C45

Layeghifar S. Abdoli MR. and Armin A.

J. Educ. Manage. Stud., 3(4):364-370, 2013

ABSTRACT: Forecasted earnings provide significant information for investment and other financial statements users. In recent years, a large number of studies have considered the forecasted earning accuracy by management. In this research, influence of financial situation of companies on the earning forecast accuracy by managers of listed companies in Tehran Stock Exchange is considered. Financial situation of companies is evaluated based on four variables, including: Income Smoothing, financial crisis, continuity of activity, and auditor’s opinion. To achieve this goal 130 companies out of all companies working in Tehran stock market between the five year periods of 2008 to 2012 were selected as statistical sample. Two independent sample T- Student Test was used to study accuracy of hypotheses. Research findings show that continuity of activity and income smoothing variables can affect earning forecast accuracy, while financial crisis and auditor’s opinion variables were not affective on earning forecast accuracy.
Keywords: Earning forecast accuracy- Financial situation of companies- Financial crisis-Income Smoothing-Auditor’s opinion- Continuity of activity


A Study of Effective Factors on the Decrease of Tax Assertiveness and Tax Diagnostic Difference in Tehran Stock Exchange

Original Research, C46

Bahadori M. Abdoli MR. and Taleb Nia G.

J. Educ. Manage. Stud., 3(4):371-377, 2013

ABSTRACT: The purpose of this research is to study the relation of the effective factors on decreasing tax assertiveness and tax diagnostic difference. The study is based on the analysis of samples include 123 companies listed in Tehran Stock Exchange for the period of 2008 to 2012. The samples are selected through the Systematic Elimination Method. The applied statistical methods for analyzing the hypotheses include the multivariate regression test and F statistics as well as step by step method. In this research , among factors which could be effective on tax assertiveness and tax diagnostic difference, the Own Concentration, Outside directors ratio, income smoothing, independent auditor reporting tax paragraph, prior years adjustments have been studied. The results indicate that the only effectual factor on the tax assertiveness and tax diagnostic difference, among the others, is the adjustments of prior years. In fact there is a meaningful relationship between the prior period adjustments and tax assertiveness and tax diagnostic difference in the companies.
Tax Assertiveness and Tax Diagnostic Difference, Tehran, Stock Exchange


The Influence of Institutional Ownership on Growth Opportunities and Dividend Policies

Original Research, C47

Chahkhoii Nejad Rafsanjan N. and Dr. Saeidi P.

J. Educ. Manage. Stud., 3(4):378-383, 2013

ABSTRACT: The main purpose of this research is to identify and investigate the influence of institutional ownership on the growth opportunities and dividend policies in the accepted financial firm in Tehran’s securities markets. Statistical community in this research including all of accepted financial firms in Tehran’s security markets from 2006 to 2010, which by the use of Eclusin method and limitations encountered by the community samples are chosen and examined. For examining the hypotheses of this research we use the TOBIT1 model. The over-all result shows that there is a significant relation between institutional ownership and growth opportunities and dividend policies.
Keywords: Institutional Ownership, Growth Opportunities, Dividend Policies, Agency Theory, Financial Institutions.


Using Cross Efficiency with Symmetric Weights for the Method DEAHP

Original Research, C48

Hosseinpour S., Pourmahmoud J., Masrouri N.

J. Educ. Manage. Stud., 3(4): 384-389, 2013

ABSTRACT: Data envelopment analysis (DEA) is a useful tool to measure and recognize the effectiveness and performance of decision-making units. On the other hand, analytical hierarchy process (AHP) is a useful tool in the field of multi-criteria decision-making problems (MCDA) and it can be helpful to rank the set of options with distinct criteria and choose the best or most appropriate option among them. In 2004, a hybrid method so-called DEAHP was resulted from AHP and DEA methods proposed or suggested by Ramanatan through which the relative weights of options and criteria can be obtained from the matrix of paired comparisons. However, the weights generated by DEAHP may be quite irrational even wrong for a highly inconsistent pairwise comparison matrix. With a violation example we showed that the proposed model does not preserve the ranking. Therefore, in the current research we use the symmetric weights for a more logical choice of criteria and options.
Data Envelopment Analysis, Analytical Hierarchy Process, Weight Restrictions, Symmetric Weights


The Predictive Role of the Family Internal Factors in Tendency the Adolescent Girls to Internet Addiction

Original Research, C49

Nasr Isfahani, N.

J. Educ. Manage. Stud., 3(4): 390-393, 2013

ABSTRACT: The purpose of present research was study about the predictive role of the family internal factors in tendency the adolescent girls to internet addiction. High school girl students from Tehran 7 region were the statistical universe of this research. One school was selected randomly through girly high school of this region then one class of each grade was selected randomly and 200 students that were internet users answered to the climate family and addiction to internet questionnaires. Results showed that there is a negative relation between internet addiction and openness communication, intra-generation attention, cognitive connection, affective connection, and adjustment with adolescents' family members. And through these factors, openness communication, intra-generation autonomy, affective connection and cognitive connection could predict variance about 25 percent of addiction to internet. As for the negative relation between these variables can express such that higher scores in these components attends reduction the tendency to internet addiction in adolescents. This problem is admitter the family role importance in detection problem behaviors in adolescence tendency to ultra-use internet and requires more researches about family consolidation and child-parent relations improvement.
Family internal factors, Internet addiction, Adolescent girls