Volume 4 : Issue 3, September 2014

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Measures Taken by Iran to  Prevent Transnational Organized Crimes and its Estimated Position Compared to the UN Criminal Policy

Original Research, D88

Vejdani S. and Nik Khah R.

J. Educ. Manage. Stud., 4(3): 519-527, 2014

ABSTRACT: Transnational Organized crimes are being considered as one of the most important problems of the 21st century. These crimes are daily increasing for various reasons. They affect different social, cultural and  political  structures  in  transnational  as  well  as  international  levels.  General  determination  in  the international level and required  coordination to prevent these crimes is shown by the UN in the form of codification and the enactment of conventions against transnational crimes (Palermo  and  Merida). Iran, as one  of  the  suitable  places  for  these  crimes,  is  highly  affected  by  them.  For  this  reason,  prevention  is considered as an undeniable necessity that requires planning and policy making. However, no particular prevention has been done and no independent body of strategies has been designated. So, in order to exit from this situation, different prevention strategies such as pastoral and social preventions have been set each of which can lead to the decreased number of organized crimes or people committing such crimes. Present  study  having  a  descriptive-analytical  method  and  gathering  data  through  secondary  sources, focuses  on  UN  conventions  against  Transnational  Organized  Crimes  (Palermo  and  Merida)  and  tries  to analyze proposed and executed  plans and strategies offered by the government of Iran against them. For this purpose, policies and positions taken by the government of Iran against these crimes are compared to international approaches to look for their homogeneity as well as heterogenei ty. Research findings show no homogeneity between the taken measures by the government of Iran against Transnational Organized Crimes and UN conventions (Palermo and Merida).
Prevention, Transnational Organized Crimes, Criminal Policy, Position of Iranian government.


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The  Role  of  Psychological  Empowerment  and  Internal-  External  Source  of Control in Prediction of the Organizational Commitment

Original Research, D89
Piri Zamaneh  M., Zarei S., Bazgoli  H.

J. Educ. Manage. Stud., 4(3): 528-533, 2014

ABSTRACT:The aim of present study is to determine the share of psychological empowerment and internalexternal  source  of  control  in  the  prediction  of  organizational  commitment.  The  research  method  is correlation and a total of 150 education personnel were selected via simple accidental sampling method. Data  collected  by  organizational  commitment  Inventory,  psychological  empowerment  questionnaire  and internal-  external  source  of  control  scale.  Then  data  analyzed  via  Pearson  correlation  and  multiple regression analysis. Results showed that organizational commitment has a positive significant relationship with psychological empowerment and internal source of control. They also showed that there is a negative significant  relationship  between  external  source  of  control  and  organizational  commitment.  Results  of regression analysis showed the combination of psychological empowerment  and internal-  external source of control could significantly predict the variance of organizational commitment and predict 36 percent of the  variance  of  organizational  commitment.  There  was  a  meaningful  relationship  between  psychological empowerment and source of control and organizational commitment and personality variables influenced organizational commitment of education bureau personnel.
Keywords: Organizational Commitment, Psychological Empowerment, Source of control.


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The Community of Inquiry, an Approach for Enhancing Creativity

Original Research, D90

Tajali Nia A. and Heibati S.

J. Educ. Manage. Stud., 4(3): 534-544, 2014

ABSTRACT: The  aim  of  this  research  is  to  discuss  effect  of  education  of  philosophy  upon  creativity  of students for first grade of boy's school students in Tehran section 14. This research is semi experimental and with use of preliminary tests and as randomly. Statistical society consists of first grade students for Tehran  section  14at  2012-2013  that  were  selected  as  60  as randomly and  multi clustering.  (30withnesse group and 30 experimental group), after collecting data, Abedi creativity test was used for analyzing data for dependant groups. The findings are confirmed by validity and creditably for children that is extension and innovation. 
Keywords: Creativity, Philosophy for Children, Research Community


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Examine  the  Relationship  between  Financial erformance  and  Capital Structure, Free Cash and Operational Risks in Governmental Companies

Original Research, D91

Akhtari  A.

J. Educ. Manage. Stud., 4(3): 545-549, 2014

ABSTRACT: An important asset for  the company is liquidity and Cash retention depends on  management decision  and  avoidance  of  risk  of  information  asymmetry.  Disclosure  of  Financial  Information,  which published clearly through financial statements, an important factor is to reduce the information asymmetry between managers and owners. Given the  importance of this issue, the study tries to survey the effect of operational, liquidity and financing policies on the performance of the listed companies. This companies in a 4 year period from 2008 to 2012. The results show that there is a significant relationship between capital structure and the performance of companies. There is a significant relationship between free cash flow and the performance of companies. There is a significant relationship variety of activities and products and the performance of companies.
Keywords: Financial Performance, Capital Structure, Free Cash, Operational Risks


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The  Relationship between  Duration of  Playing  Computer  Games and  Socials Skills

Original Research, D92

Bahirayee  MH. And  Akbari  Z.

J. Educ. Manage. Stud., 4(3): 550-553, 2014

ABSTRACT: Computer  games  as  an  emerging  phenomenon  have  encompassed  extensive  aspects  of children's  life  that  social  skills  are  considered  as  one  of  the  most  important  aspects.  This  study  was conducted  aiming  at  evaluation  of  the  relationship  between  the  duration  of  playing  computer  games (DPCG) and social skills. The study was a descriptive - correlation type. The statistical population of research included all the students in fifth grade of primary schools in Karaj in the academic year of 2013 -2014 with a sample  size  of  363  subjects  (n=363),  which  were  selected  using  the  clustering  –  multi-stage  sampling method. The study showed a significant relationship between social skills and DPCG (P<0.01). Also among the subscales of social skills, there were significant correlations between the  subscales  of cooperation and self-restraint  and  the  DPCG  (P<0.01),  while  self-assertiveness  and  empathy  subscales  had  no  significant correlation with the DPCG. This study illustrates that with increased DPCG, the children's social skills would decrease.
Keywords: Computer Games, Social Skills, Duration of Playing


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Effects of Automated Office Systems (Automation) on Improve DecisionMaking of Staff Managers (At the Airports Company of Country)

Original Research, D93
Darwish  H.,  Saki  N.,  Sahraei  M.,  Zakrifar  F.  and  Talebi  SM.

J. Educ. Manage. Stud., 4(3): 554-564, 2014

ABSTRACT:With the quickly widespread availability of computers and information technology and advanced media no country  can  to handle economy of the twenty first century without twenty first century electronic infrastructure.  One  of  the  most  important  factors  in  management  decisions  is  the  information.  Having  a detailed, accurate and timely information causes to speed up decision making and will prevent the adoption for many wrong decisions. the main objective of this paper is to investigate the effects of office automation system  on the  improvement  of staff  managers ‘decision-making(for the company of country airports) and include secondary objectives such as identifying a suitableInte  grated  office automation  system to  inform managers, evaluation and  analysis of  the  office automation  system findings  and effects on the managers decisions, investigation  and  identifying the  factors  affecting the  success  of an  office automation  system in terms  of  providingrelevant  information  including  accuracy,  Correctness,  timeliness  and  affordability,investigate the effects  of office  automation system on  improving decision-making processes  of  managers, provide a solution  to  improve  automation system  performance to exploit. Office automation system with the characteristics such as the number of letters issued, the number of incoming letters, understanding and hours  of  use  are  considered  as  the  independent  variable  and  improvement  of  decision-making  for managers  with  a characteristics  such  as  accuracy,  Correctness,  affordability,  timeliness  as  the  dependent variable. The method used in this research was correlation descriptive. Population of the research consisted of  airports  company  staff  managers.  The  results  showed  that  the  automation  system  has  an  impact  on increase the managers’ accuracy of decision-making. Automation system has also an impact on increase the managers’ correctness of decision-making. As well  as, automation  system has also an impact on increase the  managers’  timeliness  of  decision-making.  Automation  system  has  also  an  impact  on  increase  the managers’  affordability  of  decision-making.  And  there  was  no  evidence  to  reject  the  mentioned  fourfold hypothesis. 

Keywords: Office  Automation,  Improve  decision-Making,  Decisions  Theories,  Information  Systems  of Management.


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Psychological Characteristics of Patients Suffering from Multiple Sclerosis

Original Research, D94
Arshadi  E.,  Hashemi  L.  and  Aghababa  H.

J. Educ. Manage. Stud., 4(3): 565-570, 2014

ABSTRACT:Purpose of the present study was to compare resiliency, styles of coping with stress, alexithymia and fear of negative evaluation in people suffering from MS and healthy people. To this end, 50 women and men suffering from MS, chosen based on convenience sampling, were evaluated by resiliency scale, short  form  scale  on  coping  with  stressful  situations,  Toronto  alexithymia  scale  and  fear  of  negative evaluation scale. Results of T-test for independent  samples showed that between the participating patient and healthy groups, there is a significant difference only in emotion-oriented coping style dimension. Also, multivariate variance analysis showed that the progressive-relapsing group of patients has acquired higher scores  for  difficulty  identifying  feeling  compared  to  the  benign,  relapsing-remitting,  primary  progressive and  secondary  progressive  patients.  Progressive-relapsing  group  of  patients  has  also  acquired  higher scores in alexithymia variable compared to the benign group patients. Also, patients of relapsing-remitting type  has  acquired  higher  scores  in  fear  of  negative  evaluation  compared  to  the  progressive -relapsing patients. Benign group patients has acquired higher scores in emotion-oriented coping style compared to primary progressive and progressive-relapsing group patients. 
Keywords: MS. Multiple Sclerosis, Fear of Negative Evaluation, Resiliency, Styles of Coping with Stress.


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Identifying the Effective Factors on Achievement of Smart Schools by Review of the Status Quo and Problems in Smarts Schools

Original Research, D95
Ganjifar  F.

J. Educ. Manage. Stud., 4(3): 571-574, 2014

ABSTRACT:This study examines the effectiveness of spiritual therapy training in increasing rate of marital satisfaction  in  married  women.  To  this  end,  a  sample  of  30  women  who  participated  in  Shams  AbadMajidieh  neighborhood  were  selected  and  divided  into  2  groups  of  15  people.  They  were  placed  in  two groups:  Experimental  and  control.  The  Enrich  marital  satisfaction  questionnaire  with  47  questions  was applied  to  the  participants.  It  was  determined  in  the  pre-test  that  the  participants  do  not  have  any significant  difference  in  terms  of  marital  satisfaction.  Spiritual  therapy  were  given  to  the  control  group participants in 8 training sessions of 1.5 hours. The results indicated that with the 95% possibility, there is a significant statistical difference in terms of marital satisfaction rate among the experimental and control group and the research assumption is confirmed.
Keywords: Spiritual Therapy Training, Marital Satisfaction


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Examining the Effect of Some Auditing Features with Restatement in the
Firm's Profit and Loss Figures

Original Research, D96
Abdoli  MR., Dehdar  F. and Barati  S.

J. Educ. Manage. Stud., 4(3): 575-580, 2014

ABSTRACT:The right flow of information at this market leads to make the accurate and reasonable decision from  the  participants  and  finally  economic  development  and  social  relations  improvement.  Financial reporting is the most important resource of information. Auditor's assessment about these reports could make important role in taking financial decision by internal and external users of the organization. Given the importance of issue in this research has been attempted; we proceed to examine the effect of some auditing features with restatement in the firm's profit and loss figures. In this study the effect of factors such as the size of the audit firm, change auditor and type of auditor's assessment were examined with restatement of financial statements. 130 companies among the listed companies in Tehran Stock Exchange were examined in a 5-year period from 1386 to 1391.The results of this study indicate that there is a significant positive relationship between auditor's assessment and auditor turnover with restatement of financial statements. But there is not significant relation between auditing firm size with restatement of financial statements.
Keywords: Auditor's Opinion, Auditor Change, Size of the Audit firm, Restatement of Financial Statements.


pii: S232247701400097-4

The Relationship between Organizational Brand and Organizational –
Citizenship Behavior

Original Research, D97
Soltani  I. and  Yavarpour  H.

J. Educ. Manage. Stud., 4(3): 581-587, 2014

ABSTRACT:In  recent  years,  special  niche  of  brand  has  been  paid  increasingly  attention  in  academic  and scientific fields and also in business domain. Many researchers and managers of companies have found that the most valuable property of company is brand and branding knowledge for improving marketing process. However, in spite of being inter-organizational factor and one of the most important issues in brand and marketing domains, this concept has been paid lesser attention. Accordingly, present study tries to consider the  relationship  between  organizational  brand  and  organizational  –  citizenship  behavior.  The  study  is  a descriptive  study  based  on  method  of  collecting  data.  Path  analysis  was  used  to  test  the  existence  of relationship  between  variables  and  being  significance  of  estimated  methods.  Statistical  population  is  all employees working in Melli bank branches located in branch affairs in north of Tehran with 1181 participants and  99  branches.  Proper  group  sampling  was  used  and  the  data  was  analyzed  using  SPSS  and  Lisrel applications. The results indicated that there is a significant relationship between organizational brand and work conscience, mutual personal coordination, organizational resources protection and gallantry, but there is not a significant relationship between brand and social customs, altruism and propriety.
Keywords:Organizational Brand, Organizational, Citizenship Behavior, Melli Bank.


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Surveying the Relationship between Legal and Financial Misstatement and Revision of Loss and Profit Figures in Governmental Companies

Original Research, D98
Niknejad, F.

J. Educ. Manage. Stud., 4(3): 588-593, 2014

ABSTRACT:High volume of accounting scandals in recent years has led to a loss of public trust in corporations and organizations have been audited. All these scandals have been associated with restatement of financial statements. In another words, all bankrupted companies in recent years have done financial restatement. In most cases, restatement of financial statements indicate a problem with the internal control system and corporate governance in companies which their reputation and values have been damaged in market and
even  in  some  cases  it  has  been  led  to  bankrupt  them.  So,  the  research  tries  to  survey  the  relationship between legal and financial misstatements with restatement of loss and profit figures on listed companies in Tehran Stock Exchange within 2007 to  2012. The results of the research indicate that whatever tax, legal and financial misstatement of companies is high; their restatement of financial statements will be more.
Keywords: Legal  Misstatement,  Financial  Misstatement,  Tax  Misstatement,  Restatement  of  Financial Statement.


pii: S232247701400099-4

Examining the Relationship between Financial Misstatements and Legal
with Tax Policies in the Listed Companies in Tehran Stock Exchange

Original Research, D99
Abdoli  MR.,  Mahmoodzade AA.  and Kiaei  D.

J. Educ. Manage. Stud., 4(3): 594-601, 2014

ABSTRACT:Tax revenues from legal entities are one of the important sources in state tax revenues. Since these entities record their revenues in valid documents for providing financial statement than individuals, it is necessary to attend approaches of calculation, determination and collection of tax. But it may there is a difference between profit subjected tool tax and profit subjected to decisive tax of legal entities for some reasons. Along with increasing dissatisfaction of these entities, it leads to postpone and last paid taxes and tax  organization  consumes  its  time  for  resolving  these  problems,  in  turn,  increase  collection  costs.  This research tries to seek the relationship between legal and financial distortion with tax policies in accepted companies in Tehran Stock Exchange. 120 companies among accepted companies in Tehran Stock Exchange were surveyed in a period of six years from 2006 to 2012. The results of research hypotheses indicate that the companies have high tax, legal and financial distortions; there is greater difference between tool tax and diagnostic tax. In other words, the results of hypotheses show markedly the role of distortions in tax evasion.
Keywords:Tax Distortions, Financial Distortion, Difference between Tool Tax and Diagnostic Tax


pii: S2322477014000100-4

Examining the Relationship between Several Effective Factors and Corporate Tax Status

Original Research, D100
Bakhshi  H., Bakhshi  M., Hosieni  S.  and Eftekharnezam  F.

J. Educ. Manage. Stud., 4(3): 602-605, 2014

ABSTRACT:According  to  direct  tax  code,  financial  statements  should  be  prepared  based  on  Generally Accepted Accounting Standards since the needed information to calculate  the  tax is  provided from  legal offices and audited financial statements. It is expected that the tax calculated by taxpayer be the same as the  one  diagnosed  by  auditors.  However,  a  difference  is  observed  between  these  two  in  practice.  Many factors can affect the amount of taxes expressed by taxpayers. This in turn affects corporate tax differences. Then, it is essential to examine these factors since they provide a better understanding of the concept of income  tax,  a  smaller  difference  between  diagnostic  tax  and  expressed  tax,  improvement  of  quality  of expressed  tax.  The  present  study  aimed  to  investigate  factors  influencing  the  reduction  in  difference between diagnostic tax and expressed tax. For this purpose, a sample composed of 130 companies listed in Tehran Stock Exchange for the 5-year period from 2008 to 2013 was examined. Student's t-test was used to test the research hypotheses. The results showed a significant difference between companies in terms of ownership concentration, the ratio of  our  board and existence  of tax  article in the independent auditor's auditing report in terms of the difference between expressed tax and diagnostic tax. However, there was no significant  difference  between  companies  with  earnings  smoothing  and  companies  with  nonearning smoothing and companies with annual earnings adjustments in terms of differences between expressed tax and diagnostic tax.
Keywords: Expressed  Tax,  Diagnostic  Taxes,  Corporate  Governance,  Earnings  Smoothing,  Annual Adjustments


pii: S2322477014000101-4

The Relationship between Creativity and Iranian EFL Learners’ Listening Comprehension

Original Research, D101
Asadi Arashlou S.

J. Educ. Manage. Stud., 4(3): 606-613, 2014

ABSTRACT: Every language user is linguistically creative. Creativity, along with productivity, displacement and arbitrariness, is one of the most important features of human language.  This study investigates the relationship between creativity and listening comprehension. At first, a modified version of Comprehensive English Language Test was administered to a group of 82 students to determine their homogeneity as well as to assess their language proficiency. In the next phase of the study, Arjomand creativity Questionnaire was administered to the participants. Afterwards, the students were given a listening comprehension test consisting of two lectures to measure the listening comprehension of students. This test was designed to examine the relationship between creativity and listening comprehension. The findings suggest that there is a significant correlation between creativity and listening comprehension.
Key words: Creativity; Listening Comprehension, Iranian EFL Learners


pii: S2322477014000102-4

The Impact of Acceptance-Commitment Therapy (ACT) in Increasing Rate of Marital satisfaction in Married Women

Original Research, D102
Keyvanpour P. and Lotfi kashani F.

J. Educ. Manage. Stud., 4(3): 614-616, 2014

ABSTRACT: This study examines the impact of acceptance-based treatment (ACT) in increasing rate of marital satisfaction in married women. To this end, 30 women who participated in Shams Abad-Majidieh neighborhood were divided into 2 groups of 15 people. Experimental and control. The participants were tested before and after the intermediation accomplishment with the Enrich marital satisfaction questionnaire (a 47-question form). Acceptance-based treatment was applied in eight training sessions of 1.5 hours. The results indicate that acceptance-based treatment has caused the increasing of marital satisfaction rate in married women in control group.
Keywords: Acceptance-Based Treatment, Marital Satisfaction


pii: S2322477014000103-4

Personality Transcendence as a Predictor of Students' Crying Reasons

Original Research, D103
Pakizeh A. and Dashtinejad B.

J. Educ. Manage. Stud., 4(3): 617-621, 2014

ABSTRACT: Personality, as a relatively stable pattern of characteristics and behaviors, may subject to changes toward fall or transcendence during life under the influence of different factors such as changes in beliefs. As one of the demonstrations of change in personality is manifested in an individual’s emotions, and as ‘crying’ is one of the tools to arouse emotions, the present research aimed at studying the relationship between personality transcendence with different reasons for crying. For this purpose, 200 individuals (120 females and 80 males) were selected among Persian Gulf University students using multistage cluster sampling. They were requested to fill out Pakizeh Scale of Personality Transcendence and Pakizeh Scale of Crying Reasons. The findings showed that personality transcendence is positively and significantly predictor of crying as an indicator of mental strength and crying as an indicator of natural emotions. It is inversely predictor of crying as an indicator of mental weakness. The results obtained from regression analysis also showed that among aspects of personality transcendence, religious beliefs and spiritual experiences are the best reversed predictors of crying as an indicator of mental weakness. Spiritual beliefs and social ethics are the best direct predictors of crying as an indicator of natural emotions. Social ethics, religious beliefs, and spiritual experiences are respectively the best direct predictors of crying as an indicator of mental strength. The findings of the present research provided a new perspective on personality transcendence, especially on its emotional aspect, and pave the way for new studies on transcendence and the relationship between transcendence and emotions.
Key words: Crying, Personality, Reasons, Transcendence 


pii: S2322477014000104-4

Evaluation of Technical Efficiency in the Education Departments of the Oil Ministry Subsidiaries Using Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA)

Original Research, D104
Zarra Nezhad M., Yousefi Haji Abad R. and Gahrooei Z.

J. Educ. Manage. Stud., 4(3): 622-628, 2014

ABSTRACT: The main purpose of this study is Evaluation of technical efficiency in the education departments of oil Ministry subsidiaries, using data envelopment analysis. In this study, the performance of education departments in the 12 oil Ministry subsidiaries, has been studied during 2011-2012. The results show that the managerial courses that held in this period, with assumption of constant and variable return to scales, the average technical efficiency of education departments are 0.89 and 0.96. That assuming constant return to scale, DMU1, DMU2, DMU5, DMU8 and assuming variable return to scale DMU1, DMU2, DMU3, DMU5, DMU7, DMU8, DMU9  are efficient units. With the assumption of constant and variable return to scale, the average technical efficiency of education departments in held public courses are 0.90 and 0.95.The assuming constant return to scale, DMU2 , DMU3 , DMU12 and assuming variable feedbacks  to scale, DMU1, DMU2, DMU3, DMU5, DMU7, DMU8, DMU9, DMU12 are efficient units. The average technical efficiency in held specialized courses, assuming constant and variable return to scale are 0.89 and 0.95. The assuming constant return to scale, DMU1, DMU2, DMU5 and assuming variable return to scale, DMU1, DMU2, DMU3, DMU5, DMU6, DMU8 are efficient units.
Keywords: Technical Efficiency, Economic Efficiency, Allocation Efficiency, Data Envelopment Analysis, Education Departments.


pii: S2322477014000105-4

 Identify the Relationship between Quality of Work Life and Productivity of Education Teachers in District 12 of Tehran

Original Research, D105
Mahmoudi M., Ghorbani J. and Javidkar M.

J. Educ. Manage. Stud., 4(3): 629-634, 2014

ABSTRACT: The present study identifies the relationship between quality of work life and productivity of Education teachers in district 12 of Tehran. The overall objectives are the relationship between quality of work life and productivity of Education teachers in district 12 of Tehran. The population is 200 people and sample is 132 employees of Education of District 12, using Morgan table. Sampling method is simple random. Library and field methods have used to gathering information. The research method is practical in terms of purposes, is field in terms of data collection and in terms of statistical calculations is correlation, because investigate the relationship between two variables. A questionnaire has used to get the information from desired population that is the direct method. The questionnaire of labor productivity was used which includes 21 questions and 7 dimensions retrieved from the theory Gold Smith. These were employed after to confirm validity and reliability and also the quality life work of staff was measured by questionnaire made by the researcher after confirmation reliability of tool. To achieve reliability, estimated method Cronbach's alpha coefficient was used, that Cronbach's alpha coefficient for the questionnaire of productivity and for questionnaire of quality of work life using SPSS software was calculated 85% and 87%, respectively. The indicates of descriptive statistics and method of correlation coefficient test and hypothesis testing and correlation coefficient using SPSS software package have been used in order to analyze the data and respond to the basic theories. The findings showed that there is a meaningful relationship between the quality of work life and productivity of teachers in education of distinction 12. The results indicate that the quality of work life of samples is lower than the average amount. The relationship between dimension of working context and productivity and relationship between of work world dimension and productivity among the research hypotheses are confirmed.
Keywords: Quality of Work Life of Employee, Productivity, Dimension of the Work Plan, Dimension of the Work Context, Dimension of the World of Work


pii: S2322477014000106-4

An Evolutionary Study of Meta Cognition Components in Adolescence and Young

Original Research, D106
Pakdaman SH. and Nazeri R.

J. Educ. Manage. Stud., 4(3): 635-639, 2014

ABSTRACT: The meaning of Meta cognition is the awareness of and individual about cognitive processes and adjusting and controlling their recognition. The aim of this research is considering the student Meta cognition at guidance and high school and Islamic Azad University of Tehran. The statistics groups include students from guidance and high school of Tehran from the second district and students of Islamic Azad University of north branch. Among them the school students were selected by stage cluster random method and university student were selected by simple random method which includes a total of 221 students. For collecting data the questioner for Meta cognition awareness was selected. Finding shows that the university and school students have different Meta cognition average. Students and school pupils have significant Meta cognition control and it was shown that by going to upper grade the main Meta cognition parameter of people develop. The acquired data from Meta cognition awareness of students showed that there is a difference between the Meta cognition parameters scores in different grade of schools and the least score is related to guidance school and the most difference is related to university students.
Key words: Meta Cognition, Meta Cognition Awareness, University Students, School Pupils


pii: S2322477014000107-4

 Evaluation of the Islamic Azad Universities of East Gillan Using Organizational Excellence Model of EFQM

Original Research, D107
Reza Zadeh AH., Askari Rankouh MAH. and Barketan M.

J. Educ. Manage. Stud., 4(3): 640-647, 2014

ABSTRACT: In this research, firstly, excellence model of EFQM briefly introduced, and then some of the same activities in some universities and higher education institutions in other countries in the implementation of the Excellence Model of EFQM and self-evaluation procedures are discussed and the results obtained from performance of the model and self-evaluations are considered to show the positive effects of the model implementation in the academic processes.  The population of the research is presidents, vice presidents and other senior positions of the Islamic Azad Universities of East Gillan during the academic year 2013 who were 362 people and using stratified random sampling 180 subjects were selected. For data gathering, a questionnaire was used. A value estimated by Cronbach's alpha was 0.86 for all aspects of this question. Results of investigating the research questions has shown that the status of organizational excellence at the Universities of East Gillan was significantly lower than points considered both in the organizational excellence  model of EFQM and the theoretical mean (figure 7) and these universities have not effectively adhered to characteristics of organizational excellence. Moreover, in each of the component areas of the enablers and results, the status is not desirable and is less than the theoretical mean.

Keywords: Model of EFQM, Self-evaluations, Islamic Azad Universities of East Gillan


pii: S2322477014000108-4

 Structural Modeling of the Relationship of Family Factors Affecting on the Academic Motivation of High School Students

Original Research, D108
Nasri S., Hamidi F., Hamidi Mojlej M., Taymouri SR. and Hasel Sahraei M.

J. Educ. Manage. Stud., 4(3): 648-656, 2014

ABSTRACT: The present study has been undertaken with the objective of structural equation modeling related to the relationship between the family’s social, economic, cultural conditions, emotional family atmosphere and parenting styles with academic motivation. As shown that the research method was descriptive – correlational. For this research, 600 high school students in Tehran were selected by multistage cluster sampling. Four Academic Motivation Scales (Vallerand /AMS), emotional family atmosphere, questionnaire related to the parenting styles and economic, cultural and social conditions was used in this research in order to data collection. Data were analyzed using descriptive statistics, path analysis method, structural equation modeling and multivariate regression analysis. According to the conducted research, the initial model was used to examine the relationships between variables affecting academic motivation. Data analysis showed that the model used in this study is very valuable. Also, it showed that emotional atmosphere, economic condition, social condition and cultural conditions had a direct and meaningful effect on parenting styles while the loss of family circumstances had a significant and direct effect only on emotional atmosphere. But emotional atmosphere effect and economic condition on academic motivation was meaningful. Cultural -social conditions and emotional atmosphere had a significant and indirect effect on academic motivation. The results indicated that family circumstances has explained and predicted 19% of the academic motivation variable.                       
Keywords: Academic Motivation, Family Circumstances, Emotional Atmosphere, Economic Conditions, Cultural Conditions, Social Conditions and Parenting Styles


pii: S2322477014000109-4

Evaluation of the Educational Impact on the Amount of Learning English Through Mobile Phones

Original Research, D109
Azizi Pajouh SH.

J. Educ. Manage. Stud., 4(3): 657-659, 2014

ABSTRACT: This study aimed to examine the impact of teaching method on the amount of learning English lesson for second grade students of high school (Volume II) through mobile. Population included 2780 students from area 5 of Education in Tehran that among them 30 students were randomly selected and during 2 months were educated under vocabulary words of the second year English book by mobile phone learning. At the end, After running the  100-point test had identified English words and it was found that the sample mean has a significant difference with population can be stated with 95% confidence that mobile learning enhances learning English lesson among students in the second year of the intermediate (second round).
Keywords: Learning ,Teaching Methods, Mobile-Based education, English


pii: S2322477014000110-4

An Investigation on the Relationship between Strategic Management and Crisis Management in Hospitals of Shahid Beheshti University, Tehran

Original Research, D110
Taymouri SR., Eslami S., Fadaei S., Delfan GHA. And Ghasemi M.

J. Educ. Manage. Stud., 4(3): 660-665, 2014

ABSTRACT: This study was accomplished to investigate the relationship between strategic management and crisis management in hospitals of Shahid Beheshti University in Tehran. Population of the research consisted of all hospitals of Shahid Beheshti University personnel in Tehran. By Cochran test and using a simple random sampling, 120 subjects were selected as the statistical sample. Correlation test was used to evaluate relationships between variables. SPSS software was used in all stages of research. The results showed that there is a significant relationship between dimensions of strategic management (analysis, flexibility, planning space, controlling and planning horizon) and crisis management at a significant level (0.01) and with 99% confidence.
Keywords: Crisis Management, Strategic Management, Hospital


pii: S2322477014000111-4

 An Investigation on the Factors Effective on the Satisfaction from the Hospital of Milad Services Based on the Organizational Excellence Model (EFQM)

Original Research, D111
Taymouri SR., Ghamari A., Rezaee Brojerd R. and MohamadZadeh Aval R.

J. Educ. Manage. Stud., 4(3): 666-671, 2014

ABSTRACT: Objective: the purpose of this the present study was to investigate on factors effective on satisfaction dimensions of motivation and satisfaction, and also trying to reach the conclusion that does the hospital services from dimensions of motivation and satisfaction influence on staff satisfaction or no? Material and methods: Friedman test and dependent t test were used to analysis data. Results: the results showed that three factors of the values, contributions and organizational relationships have been gain highest priority of needs and three factors of training and human resource development, determination of objectives and assessments and Job promotion development in the organization have higher average, respectively, and employees admitted to impact of the motivational factors on job satisfaction and fulfillment in their work environment. satisfaction of Tuesday three factors of salaries and benefits, office and employment activities and job security of satisfaction factors have been gain higher priority of needs and three factors of employment conditions, safety and health and facilities and services in the organization have higher average, respectively, and employees have been acknowledge impact of the factors on job satisfaction and fulfillment in their work environments. According to the survey results from the employee's perspective, the services of hospital belonging to motivation factor has been influenced on satisfaction of them. Conclusion: at the end of the study conclude that at the employees’ perspective, hospital of Milad services belonging to satisfactions effective on satisfaction of them.
Keywords: Satisfaction, Organizational Excellence Model, Staff of Hospital of Milad


pii: S2322477014000112-4

 The Investigation of the Influence of ‘Circle Time’ on Increasing Mutual Respect and Respecting Class Regulations among Iranian Female Students

Original Research, D112
Esmaili, S. Soltani, Sh. and Behzadi, A.

J. Educ. Manage. Stud., 4(3): 672-676, 2014

ABSTRACT: The present research studies the Influence of ‘Circle Time’ on Increasing Mutual Respect and Respecting Class Regulations among Iranian Female Students. A researcher made questionnaire was used for measuring the student's Mutual Respect and their level of Respecting Class Regulations. The experiment Consisted of different group activities concerning recreational which were organized in 12 sessions. The result showed significant improvement of the experimental group over the control group with regard to their respect of Class regulations, But The result showed insignificant improvement of the Mutual Respect.
Key words: Circle Time, Mutual Respect, Respecting Class Regulations


pii: S2322477014000113-4

 Examine the Relationship between Formality, Centralization and Complexity with Entrepreneurship (Case study)

Original Research, D113
Hosseini SM., Kiakajouri K. and AoushakSaraei M.

J. Educ. Manage. Stud., 4(3): 677-683, 2014

ABSTRACT: This study investigates the relationship between the dimensions of organizational structure (complexity, Formality and centralization) and the entrepreneurship. Organizational structure is where in which happened organizational communication and organizational measures .Organizational factors are including complexity, Formality and centralization. Organizational entrepreneurship is a process that the organization follows to enable all employees to act in the role of entrepreneurship and all of individual and collective entrepreneurial activities conclude continually, rapid and comfortable in the central organization or covered autonomous corporate. In the research, organizational entrepreneurship is including entrepreneurship orientation and entrepreneurship management. Research is descriptive and correlational. The population of the research is the education official staff of Khuzestan province cities. The research instrument is consisted of Robbins organizational structure questionnaires on and Fox entrepreneurship questionnaire. Data analysis was performed by SPSS software. Results showed that there was no significant relationship between the formal and institutional entrepreneurship. There is no significant relationship between concentration and entrepreneurship. But there is a significant and positive relationship between complexity and entrepreneurship.
Keywords: Organization, Organizational Structure, Entrepreneurship, Organizational Entrepreneurship, Education 


pii: S2322477014000114-4

 The Effectiveness of Life Skills Training on Increasing the Rate of General Health of Parastoo Rehabilitation Center Employees.

Original Research, D114
Hodayi M. and Hoseinzadeh D.

J. Educ. Manage. Stud., 4(3): 684-688, 2014

ABSTRACT: The present investigation was aimed to investigate the effectiveness of life skills training on increasing the rate of general health of Parastoo rehabilitation center employees. The method of the research was of experimental type with pre-test, post-test with control group and random assignment of subjects. The population consisted of 40 employees of Parastoo rehabilitation center were employed in 2014. The statistical sample of the research consisted of 24 individuals who were assigned in two groups of 12 individuals (12 of them were assigned in a control group and 12 of them were assigned in an experimental group randomly). The method of data collection was based on Goldberg’s general health questionnaire (GHQ-28) and Hiller’s general health questionnaire. The validity of the questionnaire was 0.84 based on Cronbach's alpha method. Moreover, the questionnaire was confirmed by the related specialists in order to check the reliability of the questionnaire. The data analysis was carried out through implementation of the questionnaire in SPSS software in two parts of descriptive (average, median, variance, standard deviation, frequency distribution tables and graphs) and deductive (covariance analysis). The findings demonstrate that life skills training lead to increase in the rate of general health and its dimensions (reducing the symptoms of anxiety, depression, physical and social issues).
Keywords: Life Skills, General Health, Anxiety symptoms, Social problems, Physical Problems


pii: S2322477014000115-4

The Effect of Voluntary Disclosure Quality on Independent Auditors’ Opinions and Fees

Original Research, D115
Khani Zalan A.

J. Educ. Manage. Stud., 4(3): 689-694, 2014

ABSTRACT: This study examines the quality of voluntary disclosure on the opinion and fees of the independent auditors in listed companies in Tehran Stock Exchange. In line with this goal, all the listed companies in Tehran Stock Exchange that had provided the financial statements (balance sheet, loss and profit statement) and the required information in the years 2006 to 2011 were studied. A total of 123 companies from various industries were selected. To test the hypotheses, multiple variables regression (Inter method) was used and their statistical significance took place using t and F statistics. Also, in order to test the model autocorrelation Durbin-Watson test was employed. Research results show that there is no significant relationship between the quality of voluntary disclosure and the opinion and fees of the independent auditors.
Keywords: Voluntary disclosure, Auditors' opinion, Independent auditors' audit fees


pii: S2322477014000116-4

A New Model as English Tutorial Assistant Based on Augmented Reality

Original Research, D116
Ghasemi A and Javidan R.

J. Educ. Manage. Stud., 4(3): 695-701, 2014

ABSTRACT: English learning as an international language is a required skill for students but despite of trying there are factors which limited the learning progress. These factors have negative effects on student‘s learning process such as their fatigue, not learning all vocabularies around students and lack of motivation in English learning activities, and training time and students limited practice out of their classroom. It is obvious that cognitive and social skills of children has developed over time and also modern technologies as Augmented Reality(AR) and virtual reality has lead to innovative learning environment in informal learning which could make the learning interactive, effective and powerful, and decrease the negative  effect of traditional training. In this paper a model has presented for development of augmented reality in English training for children. In this model, children without any filled back pack, and facilities could utilize this technology as a second language only with a smart phone or tablet. In this paper, after implementation of this model in a pilot, the possibility of performance and essential in order to develop this technology in mobile learning has explained, then related advantages and impact of this has examined on some students with questionnaire survey.
Keywords: Augmented reality, M-learning, children and computer interaction, Second language learning.


pii: S2322477014000117-4

Factors Affecting the Use of Information and Communication Technologies Faculty Members

Original Research, D117
Salehi M, Abdolahi M, Hoseini Tabaghdehi SK, Mastari Farahani F.

J. Educ. Manage. Stud., 4(3): 702-711, 2014

ABSTRACT: The present investigation was aimed to study factors affecting the use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) by the faculty members of Islamic Azad University of Sari. The data was collected from 77 faculty members of Islamic Azad University of Sari, which was considered using census methods. Afterwards, the data was analyzed using Structural Equation Modeling (SEM) and Smart PLS software and the final model of the factors affecting the employment of ICT was presented. The reliability of the questionnaire was checked using Cronbach’s alpha method. In addition, structural validity was used in order to calculate the validity, which the results demonstrated the validity of the questionnaire. The findings indicated the proper fitting of the model based on the effect of identified dimensions in using ICT by the faculty members of Islamic Azad University of Sari. On other words, special attention should be paid to cost and capital, educational, technical and structural, and skill factors in order to use ICT effectively. Moreover, the results of factor analysis demonstrated that the four factors are able to explain about 59.8% of the factors affecting the use of ICT. Eventually, the results showed that there is a significant difference between the dimensions affecting the employment of ICT by the faculty members of Islamic Azad University of Sari. The highest level in the meantime is for cost and capital factor, and educational, technical and structural, and skill factors are in the next priorities.
Keywords: I
nformation and communication technology, Cost and capital factors, Skill factors, Faculty members


pii: S2322477014000118-4

 Studying the effect of Aesop's legends and stories on Kalila-wa-Dimna written by Ibn-e-Moghaffa

Original Research, D118
SabzianPoor V and Hassanzadeh A.

J. Educ. Manage. Stud., 4(3): 712-718, 2014

ABSTRACT: Greek Aesop's legends book is one sample of allegory legends in western literature that has been translated into all known languages in the world. In eastern literature, the book Kalila-wa-Dimna is the invaluable one translated by Ibn-e-Moghaffa into Arabic and some stories and legends were added to the original one to change it into a unique book for Arab world. Regarding the historical evidences about Greece and India and the dominance of Greeks before the composition of Bidpay stories in India, the present research is going to investigate on Aesop's stories and legends to study about the probable effect of it on Kalila-wa-Dimna. Findings in this research showed that at least 12 concepts of Aesop's legends have been represented in Kalila-wa-Dimna with trivial modifications.
Keywords: Aesop, Kalila-wa-Dimna, Ibn-e-Moghaffa, Allegory Legend, Comparative Literature


pii: S2322477014000119-4

An Investigation on the Effectiveness of Managerial Styles on Creativity of Physical Education Staffs (Case Study: State Physical Education, East Azerbaijan Province, Iran)

Original Research, D119
Jamali Rovesht S, Mobasseri S, Jafari S.

J. Educ. Manage. Stud., 4(3): 719-727, 2014

ABSTRACT: This study is conducted to figure out the relations between different managerial styles (conventional, moderate and participative) and creativity of physical education staffs and to understand the effect of this relation on sports as well. This is a field study and correlative. The population includes all working staff at the year 2013. Sample is chosen in classified random method and as per Cochran test is equal to 118 people. Validity and reliability of research tools are calculated through statistical analysis and Cronbach's alpha methods. In order to identify the normal distribution of samples, Kalmogorov- Smiranov Test is applied. Research results show a positive significant relation between different managerial styles (conventional, moderate and participative) and creativity of staffs, while this relation increases along with an increase in participative behaviors.  The amount of calculated Beta among different managerial aspects (decision making, communication, leadership, organizing and control) and creativity of physical education staff signifies that in case of increased self-supervision, managers will take the advantage of two way and open communication, close and intimate relation, and granting authority to the others. Research results also showed a significant difference between male and female managers in their managerial styles, i.e. male managers having more participative management style than females.
Keywords: Managerial Styles, Creativity of Staffs, Physical Education, East Azerbaijan Province